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Fundera Drives Sales Success with ringDNA


  • Fundera’s highly personalized business model requires a platform that can effectively handle high-touch, high call volume environments
  • Need to automate sales activity documentation
  • Since most business is conducted over the phone, Fundera needed a reliable solution with high quality voice
  • A replacement for physical dialing which added up to hours of lost time


  • ringDNA Intelligent Dialer for Salesforce
  • ringDNA automated sales activity recording
  • ringDNA telephony
  • ringDNA click-to-dial and call lists


  • Highly efficient and effective workflows, performed from a single source
  • Automated activity logging, eliminating manual CRM data entry for the sales team
  • Click-to-dial anywhere within the sales reps’ browsers
  • Dial-next for speed dialing down Salesforce lists, doubling outbound dialing efficiency
  • Call routing and call queues for call distribution
  • SMS messaging within the same tool, allowing the sales team to send and receive texts with their prospects
  • Voicemail drop, saving hours per day, per rep spent leaving voicemails
  • Advanced sales reporting for total management visibility

Fundera is the go-to financial resource for everything small business. It provides a single source where business owners can find and apply for loans, credit cards, accounting, banking solutions, and related resources. For those applying for loans, Fundera pairs eligible business owners with a lending specialist who understands their business needs.

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"ringDNA is the very first sales system that I have just been unequivocally happy with and would recommend to everyone."

Tommy McNulty, VP, Sales & Customer Success, Fundera

WHY ringDNA?

As a result of their work with ringDNA and ConversationAI, Fundera is able to onboard sales reps faster. Thanks to ringDNA’s intuitive interfaces, salespeople see immediate productivity and efficiency gains. With ConversationAI, reps gain insights from best practice call recording libraries and have key moments surfaced from their calls for coaching and skill improvement.