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Unleash AI-Powered Sales
Management with ConversationAI

Conversation Intelligence That Makes Every Manager More Productive and Effective.

Trusted by the World's Best Sales Teams

With ConversationAI

Automate Call Transcription & Analysis

Quickly discover the sales talking points and conversation techniques that win more deals

Keyword Search Every Call

Immediately find moments that matter and ensure that reps are effectively implementing your training

Be The First To Know

AI-powered alerts surface critical sales conversations that matter, such as competitor mentions, common objections, and more

Assemble Libraries Of Teaching Moments

Save the great and not-so-great sales conversations for easy access so your team can replicate what works and avoid what doesn’t

Monitor Conversation Performance Metrics

Use best practice conversation performance data to monitor talk-to-listen ratios and other etiquette indicators across your team

Fuel Dramatic Revenue Growth

Nothing is more efficient at scaling your revenue than improving your team’s collective conversation skills

“By annotating and organizing calls into libraries around key themes, ringDNA helps me identify the areas where our sales teams need the most coaching. With insights from ringDNA, our reps onboard more quickly and connect with customers sooner.”

Patrick Buckley, Director, Sales Development, Twilio

Effortlessly Scale Your Management Reach

AI sits next to every rep, on every call, and alerts you when a rep needs or requests guidance. Effortlessly scale your sales coaching without additional managers.

Ramp New Sales Reps Faster and More Effectively Than Ever Before

Insights from ConversationAI become essential training material for your new hires.

True Revenue Operations Insight

Thanks to the world's best Salesforce integration, ringDNA is the only solution that correlates sales behavior with opportunities, revenue and virtually any other sales outcome, creating straightforward paths to more predictable revenue.

“ConversationAI allows our managers to listen to more calls and do it much more efficiently.”
Ryan ContiDirector of Sales Operations, Fundera
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Because ConversationAI has analyzed hundreds of millions of calls, it can provide immediate insights that you can use now to ramp reps to revenue faster, and to make average performing reps perform like your best.
Nancy NardinSmart Selling Tools
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Curate Your Team's Greatest Hits

Creating libraries of model conversations is as easy as creating playlists. Make sure your entire team has access to your top performers' best examples.

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Ready-Made Actionable Insight

ConversationAI comes with pre-built dashboards that instantly reveal listening patterns, overtalk ratios, language diversity and other trends that provide immediate sales coaching value. Easily create new reports based on keyword triggers, linguistic pattern analysis and other behaviors.

Always Be Coaching with ConversationAI Mobile

Calls surfaced for you through saved searches or rep alerts are at your fingertips with our mobile application. Whether at the gym, in your car or on a walk, ConversationAI makes managers more productive.

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