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The 2020 Sales Prospecting Performance Report

20 minutes

Analytics for Everyone
Analytics for Everyone dives into key performance reports and dashboards for every revenue stakeholder, across every step of the sales process. And the best part is, they all come out of the box with ringDNA!

20 minutes

How to Build the Perfect Sales Stack for Remote Teams
In this ebook, we cover the top considerations to keep in mind as you are building a sales stack for a remote sales team.

20 minutes

The 2020 Sales Prospecting Performance Report
Drawing on real data from millions of calls, texts, emails, and more made through our platform, we are thrilled to share with you the data-backed insights and critical points that will empower your prospecting efforts in 2020.

The 90 Day Inside Sales Success Plan
For our latest eBook, we asked 20 of the world’s top sales trainers, executives and thought leaders to reveal how sales managers can make transformative changes within just 90 days.

Start a Successful Sales Coaching Plan Tomorrow
Sales coaching is the solution to your sales performance management woes. It boosts your overall team performance, encourages collaboration, aligns your reps’ goals with your organization’s, and drives sales effectiveness. Our sales coaching ebook details sales coaching’s essential elements, and gives you a simple plan to launch your sales coaching plan tomorrow.

5 minutes

Ramp To Revenue: The Sales Onboarding Success Plan
Research shows that the average tenure of a new sales development rep is 14 months, yet it takes 3 months to ramp them to full quota. This serious business challenge can be avoided with smarter training and processes designed to help new salespeople become more comfortable in their roles sooner, with tighter pitches, question strategies, and objection handling mastered within the first 6 weeks.

Every Word Counts: Words To Avoid in Sales Voicemails
In order to capitalize on every single dial, reps should leave a message whenever a call isn’t answered. But they can’t just leave any message. Every word they leave has an impact on whether or not they receive a call back, which means there are some things that just shouldn’t be said.

Prospecting Failures: Why You’re Not Building Pipeline
Prospecting and cold calling as business practices are always evolving. As a result, many organizations fall behind and make critical mistakes in their processes. These mistakes can manifest in hiring practices, team structure, or strategies, setting one of the primary drivers of business behind.

Cold Calling Tips & Tricks For Tough Gatekeepers
One of the most common challenges for salespeople is navigating past the gatekeeper who stands in the way of a decisionmaker. In this whitepaper, we lay out the best strategies and some helpful tips for you to get past the gatekeepers and potentially develop a useful ally along the way.

31 Expert Sales Hiring & Coaching Tips
This eBook is packed with 30+ expert tips hiring, onboarding and coaching a sales team that WINS. The tips come from a cross section of some of the world’s most inspiring entrepreneurs, sales authors and coaches. With the right approach, you can build a sales team that wildly exceeds your expectations.

The Complete Guide to Inside Sales Analytics
The 2018 Complete Guide to Inside Sales Analytics reveals more than 75 powerful metrics and formulas that top sales leaders are currently using to radically accelerate sales opportunities, revenue and retention, and everything you need to know to start tracking these vital metrics right away.

Sales Operations Superpowers
For our latest eBook, we spoke to sales operations superheroes at some of the world’s fastest-growing and most successful companies. The result: a comprehensive sales operations plan that your team can use to supercharge your sales efforts. Whether you have a sales ops team in place or are looking to onboard one, this highly actionable eBook is a must-read.